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We Can Help You With Your Dental Emergency.

Dental 911 will be open Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day    8-5

We will be open Christmas Day  8-2

Thanksgiving 8-3

If you have urgent dental needs:

  • We can diagnose the problem.
  • Give you your options for treatment.
  • And most importantly, relieve your pain via prescription of antibiotics and pain medications, and providing local anesthesia.
  • We can also provide tooth extractions and fillings, repair broken dentures and repair chipped teeth, recement crowns, drain abscesses, and stabilized injuries.  Root canal treatment, removal of wisdom teeth, and treatment of gum infections are also services we are happy to provide.

If your regular dentist is unavailable:

We can help you today and then send your dentist a report of your visit, your treatment & any X-rays taken.

If you don’t have a regular dentist:

If you don’t have a regular dentist and require an additional visit to complete your treatment, we can do that too! Dental 911 has dentists who have full-service general practices for comprehensive dental care. Completion of root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bleaching, implants, and dentures are all services that our Dental 911 dentists can provide.

Please call us any time we are open, with questions you may have; Our staff and doctors will be happy to help. 303-393-9911

Denver Emergency Dental Services and Clinic Hours

-toothache treatment

-dental emergencies

-broken tooth

-lost denture tooth

-broken denture

-dental abscess

-lost crown

-chipped tooth

-gum abscess

-any urgent dental problem

-Sunday toothache

-holiday toothache


We’re your Go-To Weekend Dentist or Holiday Dentist when you need Relief!

Walk-in Clinic Hours: (NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED!)
Monday – Thursday
5PM to 9PM
8AM to 9PM
Saturdays & Sundays
8AM to 5PM
Scheduled Appointment Hours:
Monday – Friday
8AM to 5PM
8AM to 4PM
Hours Available for Patients Preferring
a Scheduled Appointment.
Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us:
Monday – Friday
8AM to 9PM
Saturdays & Sundays
8AM to 5PM
Any Questions?
Call Us At: 303-393-9911
4200 East 8th Avenue #200, Denver, Colorado 80220 Map 2 blocks east of the Trader Joe’s on Colorado Blvd., Near Rose Medical Center

We are available to talk to you 7 days a week and holidays during our office hours! 
Our Dental 911 Emergency Dentists are here to help you during hours that fit your busy schedule. If it is late and you need to leave a message: 
We will call you back the following morning to help you.
Need a Saturday Dentist?  Not only are we open for emergency dentistry on Saturdays,  we are also open for routine dental procedures on Saturdays as well.  We can even provide bleaching, by appointment at 303-393-9911.
Need a Sunday Dentist, or a Holiday Dentist?  Our emergency dental clinic is open 8 am to 5 pm on all holidays and weekend days, and a licensed dentist is on site to take care of any dental problems that you may have.
After-Hours Dental Emergency Care  –  While we would like to provide 24/7 Dental Emergency Care,  in Denver and the surrounding areas there just isn’t enough demand for after-hours dental care yet to make this possible.  In fact, we are not aware of any dental offices in the state of Colorado that are open 24/7.  The only option for middle-of-the-night pain relief currently is the emergency room at your local hospital.
There are less than a handful of offices open on Sundays, and we are one of them.
For the Dentist
What can Dental 911 do for you and your dental practice?   We are open 365 days a years, including Saturdays, Sundays, evenings and holidays.    We provide on-call service for dentists all over the metropolitan Denver area.  Your patients can be seen while you are not in the office, so you can relax. All you have to do is leave our phone number on your message.  You do not have to alert us that you will be referring patients to us (although we prefer that you do let us know).  Patients will be provided with a copy of any x-rays taken and a note detailing their treatment, and are then instructed to return to your office for follow-up care.  If a patient just needs to have a temporary crown recemented, the charge will be $50.


Dental 911
4200 East 8th Avenue
Suite 200
Denver, CO 80220

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Dental 911 Hours

Monday-Thursday: 5 PM - 9 PM
Friday: 8 AM - 9 PM
Saturday, Sunday &
Holiday's: 8 AM - 4 PM

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